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Adveos has been acquired by Beken Corporation

Please visit http://www.bekencorp.com/en


Adveos Microelectronic Systems was founded in 2015. From the early days of its inception, Adveos offered custom ASIC solutions for RF/mmWave systems and Sensor applications. The company grew rapidly an international customer base and managed to establish a significant presence across multiple markets and sectors.

In 2018, Adveos started developing its own IP solutions mainly related to wireless connectivity protocols. For the years to follow, Adveos executed a hybrid business model of both ASIC design service and IP core development.

In December 2020, Adveos was acquired by Beken Corporation, a leading player in wireless communication solutions. As an integrated part of the new organization Adveos is now working in delivering complete wireless communication platforms.


ADVEOS is constantly looking for talented people either for
full time  employment or internships in various fields
including RFIC, analog, mixed-signal, and digital design. 
Please feel free to send your CV at .


Should you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us either by e-mail or by phone.


265 L. Mesogeion Avenue, 154 51 Neo Psychiko, Athens, Greece - Phone: +30 210 6522700

Agiou Ioannou 19, Aigio, 25100 - Phone: +30 26910 29842

Bagratuniats 27/2 apt. 23, Yerevan, Armenia - Phone: +37455393735

E-mail: / Mobile: +30 693 7381350

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